From rude breakfast cereal to rude bankers

How do you know you are going to have a bad day? When your Rice Crispies says: “Snap, Crackle, F-U”.

If I ate Rice Crispies this would have been what I heard this morning. It seems to be a Friday of rants today. A while ago I opened a bank account for one of my boss’ subsidiary businesses, being the internet freak I am, I did it online via FNB, gold star for me…or maybe not.

This brilliant idea of mine has come back to bite me in the butt at least four times now. The thing about my job is that I should be prepared to do everything, that is my sole function, to do the things my boss doesn’t want to. Going to the bank is one of them. That being said, when I opened up this super internet bank account there was no option to register for internet banking, so I have been told to go into a branch to get it sorted…easy, not so much.

So here we are, four visits to the bank later and no closer to getting the internet banking set up. Don’t you just love service delivery in South Africa.

If we were in the UK, I would be crying compensation, and the best, I would have received it.


This is me!

Okay so seriously this is the fifth time that I have re-written this post and frankly I am giving up now.

What I really wanted to do is introduce myself to you before I start spewing all my deep dark secrets on here.

Where to begin?

Well I suppose I could tell you that I am a small-town farm girl that moved to the most beautiful city in the world-yes you guessed it-gotta be Cape Town, fell in love with her first ever boyfriend-from primary school (can I get an AHHHHH?), got married (well it took 9 years, but we did it) and had a little bambino terrorist.

By day I am a quiet unassuming Personal Assistant to an Advocate (I can’t tell you who-or otherwise I will have to get you killed) and by night (or lunchtime) I am a blogger.

As with everyone I have my baggage, sometimes I can manage it,  and  other times…well that is a different story all together. I am slightly certifiable, mostly incomprehensible and often indescribable. I am, in short, me!