This is me!

Okay so seriously this is the fifth time that I have re-written this post and frankly I am giving up now.

What I really wanted to do is introduce myself to you before I start spewing all my deep dark secrets on here.

Where to begin?

Well I suppose I could tell you that I am a small-town farm girl that moved to the most beautiful city in the world-yes you guessed it-gotta be Cape Town, fell in love with her first ever boyfriend-from primary school (can I get an AHHHHH?), got married (well it took 9 years, but we did it) and had a little bambino terrorist.

By day I am a quiet unassuming Personal Assistant to an Advocate (I can’t tell you who-or otherwise I will have to get you killed) and by night (or lunchtime) I am a blogger.

As with everyone I have my baggage, sometimes I can manage it,  and  other times…well that is a different story all together. I am slightly certifiable, mostly incomprehensible and often indescribable. I am, in short, me!


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