POAS Addict

To those who are not up to speed with the lingo, here is a crash course to understand this post:

(Sidebar: if it makes you feel any better, I had to research all of these abbreviations too)

So the DH and I have decided to start TTC for baby no 2.  Great, fabulous, if only his boss would stop carting him off to JHB every time I ovulate….(you think the universe is trying to tell me something here?)

So here we are, at least it is not a O-week, and I am home alone, yet again.  Although he has been MIA for the past weeks, even though he has been at home, he might as well not have been-you know what I mean?

Maybe it is because we are ‘trying’ that my head is starting to screw with me, but I am turning into a real POAS addict and I am just worried that I may turn into the girl that cried wolf pregnant.

Here is my confession: this past month I have used 5 HPT, all of which have been negative.  This amounts to a total cost of R 105.00, or translated into female: a Deluxe Pedi.

I have been feeling very tired and run-down.  I could sleep for a whole week and still would not be alert.  I am suffering from porridge brain-well more than usual. The kickers though, are what happened this weekend.

We had a braai at the in-laws on Saturday night, and I dished up as usual, but when I brought the meat to my mouth I gagged.  This behaviour from a self-proclaimed carnivore is slightly disconcerting.  Also I have been in the most enviable position that I am nauseous…this is not limited to the mornings in any way and I have been craving fish like there is no tomorrow and could audition for both Dr Jerkyl and Mr Hyde.

There are other more subtle things as well that is a little bit outside of my ‘what-I-can-post-on-the-internet-comfort zone’ which all culminated on me taking the plunge seat this morning-again-and peeing on a stick.  I waited the requisite 3 minutes and it is a BFN.  So clearly instead of buying booties I need to spend that money to go see a shrink, because my head is messing with my body.

So the total stands at 6HPT, all of which were a BFN.

Anyone know where I can buy bulk?


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