We’re all going on an autumn holiday…

lets hope it does rain the whole time…

I have never been to Velddrif and although it wasn’t first choice I have to admit that amid the mild panic that is slowly setting in, panic because I haven’t even bought a single scrap of food for the trip, or even packed a bag (although I have made a list-Progress!) but my Pedi is booked<It is all a question of priorities> I am now rather looking forward to exploring this hidden gem!

In preparation for the exploration the DH is getting tips from his father this evening on worthy places to visit, amongst which he keeps on teasing me, will be all of the harbours in the vicinity.

<My father in law’s idea of exploring a new town is driving to the harbour, and buying some sort of dried/smoked fish with a truly offensive odour (aren’t they all?) and eating it in the car, much to the chagrin of all of those present, well the ones of the fairer sex in any event.  So bad is this habit that when he offers to drive around the day to ‘explore’ none will take him up on his offer. 

The last one of these excursions still etched in our minds…It was a particularly dreary day, we were in Hermanus for the weekend and there wasn’t much to do except to take a drive.  To truly appreciate the fear about driving with my father in law-bless him-you have to take a drive with him.  He is a big man, and always drives a 4×4 of some sorts, at rather high speed, while checking his cell phone (which might as well be surgically attached to his ear/hand) while simultaneously drinking coffee and playing with the GPS, all while he is veering in and out of his lane (I am a nervous passenger, but my MIL wins this contest hands down). With every leap out of his lane, or electronic squeal of the press of a button, her cheeks tend to puff up a millimetre more. On this particular day we (he) were driving around aimlessly, for hours.  He drove so fast through the town we could barely catch a glimpse of the place, and where does he come to a halt? The harbour…

By this time the atmosphere in the car was so thick you would need a chainsaw to hack through it  We stood there for what seemed like hours, in fact it was barely fifteen minutes, but it was fifteen minutes too many.  Just when we thought the day could not possibly get worse, my father got into the car with a pack of the most vile-smelling bokkoms I have ever had the misfortune of sharing a car with, and he proceeded to drive back to Hermanus. End of trip.  The men were chuffed on their day out, the girls, not so much.>

Harbour visits? Not unless I have anything to say on the matter.  But explore we shall!

Here is to sugar induced hyperactivity, crackling fires, good wine, great company, long walks along the river bed and afternoon naps! Oh and not to forget the night-time Easter-egg hunt I have planned, gotta love Woolies’ glow in the dark eggs!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!


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