Mothers day comes early every year

I say this because my mom is having her birthday today…

She is the most wonderful person I know, and although most of us, when growing up would exclaim in fear that we don’t want to turn into out mothers, well I would very much like to, please, if at all possible.  That is the kind of AWESOME person she is.

I look at her and I just feel such a swell of pride to call her my mom.  She is not perfect, but she is perfect to me.  She has faced so many hardships in life and still she has come out on top, and with a smile to boot.

She is a healer, a teacher, a friend and confidante and even though she is hundreds of kilometres away, I know she is always there, no matter what.

And then she is gorgeous too!

To the lady of the hour/day, may this birthday be filled with love, happiness and laughter and this year be the best that you have ever had!

All my love…


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