My husband

is a bit of an odd ball…

When I think about him I think about the movie “A Beautiful Mind“.

No he doesn’t squawk around the living room or talk to himself neither does he have any imaginary friends or such like (well none that he has asked to dinner).  It is just; well he has a beautiful mind.

He is super smart.  At any given day he makes me feel like I am a special needs student-not because he is a condescending smart-ass, that’s normally me, but because he is so smart that most of what he says sort of just goes over my head.

But not only that, he has a very peculiar sense of humour.

We would be driving along and he would just out of the blue come up with these conundrums.

Like, he asked me once, if someone is schizophrenic and depressed at the same time, and is about to commit suicide, whether it could be seen as a hostage situation.

But I digress…the point that I am trying to make is that he does not subscribe to the norms; he is a law unto himself.  But I describe to the norms, you know.  Like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day… (you get where I am going with this).  But he believes that those are days just like any other, a point of view that can sometimes drive me to drink and school-boys.

I have learnt not to expect him to do anything on those days. Every now and then he does something that completely catches me by surprise.

Case in point: Yesterday.

This year for Mother’s day, I got half a stove…wel sort of. It is in the form of an online banking sms. A deposit into my account, labelled “Oven Fund”

Bless him.


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