I had an epiphany…

I think I know why so very few Americans read…it is because Catcher in the Rye is their prescribed book (much like “Circles in the Forest” and “Fiela se kind“) was ours.

What a laborious book, reading my Constitutional law handbook is more entertaining.  The worst part is you keep on hoping above all hope that  it is going to improve so you keep on turning the pages, thinking thís is the page, and when it turns out it isn’t you tend to wallow in your disappointment. Every turn of page made me feel like I had just been dumped.

I wonder how it made it on the BBC’s list of books that should be on your bucket list.

Just saying, that it is definitely not the kind of book that engender a passion for reading. The only book that can rival it in the snore factor could possibly be Ulysses.  I am always amazed that James Joyce managed to stay awake long enough to finish it. Sadly that too, has found its way to the 100 Best Books by the BBC.


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