To be or not to be

I have been very absent of late, in part because there is a lot of things going on at the home-front that I am not able to divulge on here quite yet, and partly because I have been stewing.

I am doing it again…Internalising.

It is definitely not healthy, as can clearly be seen from the fact that I have been sick with a medley of maladies for over a month now.  So today I will let it out.  Sorry you have to witness it, but you are free to unsubscribe, unlike or whatever, I am so over it.

I have been keeping quiet because I was trying to spare others’ feelings, but clearly mine isn’t taken into consideration in the same way.  I am feeling really hurt and betrayed by a friend at present and not too sure how to deal with it.  Granted I am overly emotional (a post for another day), but still I feel that this friend should stick up for me, like I have for her at other times. When someone was saying bad things about her, I defended her.  Isn’t that what friends do for one another?

I always try and be a good friend.  I am the type of friend that gets up in the middle of the night, to drive across town to a friend who is desperately missing her boyfriend that is halfway across the globe, to just sit. To just be there.  <I am not telling you this because I want a pat on the head and for you to tell me how awesome I am, I am trying to explain to what ends I go for my friends>

Is it really too much of me to expect a friend to stick up for me when I am being mistreated?


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