Act your age, why don’t you?

I knew this day would come sooner or later, but hoped that this time around the baby would be kind. Ahh wishfull thinking.

I am so disgusted I could smack on of those happy, shiny, glowing pregnant ladies!

I sprouted what may be considered a second nose, chin oh hell who am I kidding this damn thing is so big, it quite possibly be my alterior ego coming out.  The husband, one can always count on them to be real emotionally supportive and understanding, leaned in real close this morning and asked me whether I had ever seen anything quite so big. And then the shit waited for me to answer.  Okay I will give you a moment to stop sniggering.

Asif it wasn’t bad enough I had to sit on this train with this face. I am mortified. Also my face is starting to be drawn downwards by the sheer weight of this thing.

For once (and I am aware that I may regret this later, but blame this entirely on the hormones) I would like to actually look the age I am, and not sixteen. Sixteen Sucks.

A paper bag will not quite cover this, so the only solution is to go and hide out till the condition improves. Any ideas?


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