This is difficult

I am religiously subscribed to Reluctant Mom’s blog.  I truly love her, and yes, perhaps I stalk her a little bit(okay, make that alot).

Anyway, so I get her posts via subscriptions and after this morning’s post (which you can read here) I think she may have to take a restraining order out against me.

I wish I can be that honest. Every post I write is like pulling teeth, I anguish about every word, who will be affected by this, I don’t want to blab something that isn’t mine to share, maybe if I post this then I will hurt someone I love/loath/don’t know-you get my drift.  I really wish I could say, you know.  Screw this, this is MY blog, MY therapy I will write about what a damn well please.

I want to be honest, because let’s face it, how many times in the day are you honest with others and true to yourself?

RM you are my hero and congratulations on the ‘anniversary’.


One thought on “This is difficult

  1. Thanks honey — unfortunately the bad side is you need to take a few (er, mark that as several) bitch slaps on forums, the occassional cluster fk (as my brother calls it) from stuff you say on your blog, and inevitably there is a bit of fall out.

    But onwards and upwards ….. or what ever is the right thing to say. But I have learn a great deal about me since I started blogging (not all of it good) and a lot about other people (not all of it bad), so that has been pretty cool.

    And then I get to be stalked by interesting people like you – so that must be a bonus. Right?


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