Dont mind me, I am just having a sh*t fit

What is it with men and fire?

Perhaps it is because it subconsciously takes them back to their sub-human days,wait-who  am I kidding, I know of a number of candidates that never quite left those days.

I can just imagine them (being the sub-humans) standing around the fire, ‘talking’

Grunt, Grunt-My fire is bigger than yours

Grunt Growl Grr-prove it

Anyway I digress.

So what is it with men and fires and more specifically wanting to throw meat on it?

I wonder if our predescessors also had to avert their eyes to the heaven as their mates (don’t think they can be classified as  a husband if he club you over the head and drag you to his cave) threw half a brontosaurus on the fire, while the wind and sleet made in near impossible to stick even their noses out of the cave for fear of inducing frostbite.

I pondered this last night as I was nursing my frost bitten toes and nose, after being subjected to a sub-zero temperature braai in the rain.  What a treat.


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