’tis the season to be jolly

♫♫♪fallalalala♪♪♫la la la la

I don’t have a particular affinity for Christmas carols but today I am really feeling the festive mood and can be heard singing Jingle Bells under my breath.  It may be as a result of my ‘from me’ ‘to me’, a mexican bola, that is gently tinkling as I walk around reminding me of sleigh bells (not that I have ever been on a sleigh-that is on the bucket list) but I think more than anything it has to do with the national drop of week for Santa Shoebox project.

This is my favourite project and no matter how dire my financial situation is I always make a plan to pledge some boxes.  I confess I am a twelve year old in a  twenty something year old’s body.  I love Christmas and Easter and all those holidays.  I love the feeling of peace and happiness that seems to envelope everyone in a kind of bubble. Everyone is smiling and happy and I want to spread that feeling.

When I first heard of this project I was heartbroken.  I had never realised how many kids out there has never had a proper Christmas (Yes I do realise it is more about the message than the gifts, but still).  I have vowed to pledge a box for every family member and have been harrassing all my friends to join in too (which I am very proud to say they have done in abundance).  Even baby 2.0 has contributed to this year’s boxes.

I was shopping in Crazy Store on Tuesday for the last essentials for the boxes and was so amazed to find that all the people in the store at that time could be seen with a list of “what to pack”.  It was truly moving, inspiring and gratifying to see so many people from different walks of life just getting together to make this Christmas a special one for those kids that would normally not have it.  The festive spirit was tangible as we helped one another choose toys for our recipients.

So I am donning my elf hat tonight to pack the last things and tomorrow I will be santa, for at least an hour.  My only wish is that I would be able to see the kids faces when they open up their boxes, because for the past couple of months I have not only been a mother to one (and a half) but to 5 kids as I found myself wondering at every opportunity what would really bring joy to my ‘kids’ that can fit into a shoe box?


4 thoughts on “’tis the season to be jolly

  1. Good for you, I also have been supporting the shoebox project for the last few years. I always make a box for a little girl of about the age my daughter would have been now if she had lived. Kind of therapy, kind of happy/sad. This year I am only giving one box as I am going to be giving gifts to my maid’s kids (5 of them) as they are not on the list of schools on the project.

    I helped collect boxes about 3 years ago (before getting preggies again) and wow, what a difference in things now. Back then it was rather disorganised but now they have scanners and everything. Myself and my oldest will be helping to collect boxes in town on Saturday morning. When are you dropping yours off?

    • Oh, also meant to say, they are giving volunteers the chance to buy a ticket to go with for some of the parties to dish out the presents but it costs R200 (hire of a bus and petrol etc.)

    • What a nice way to honour her memory. After we met I had a look at your blog and was heartbroken to read your story. It is never easy parting with a loved one, no matter how much times passes the mark remains. Tomorrow marks nearly 17 years since my sister’s passing and although time has tempered the wound somewhat I miss her more with every passing year-especially on special occasions.
      What a happy coincidence, I am dropping my box in town as well, although I thought I would do it tomorrow, but I may see you on Saturday-are you at the Grootte Kerk?

  2. Ahhh, also love “the season to be jolly…falalalaa………!! ”

    You’ve got me wondering if there’s a shoebox project in our vicinity? Cathcart, Stutterheim, Eastern Cape?
    Will definitely find out.

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