Puppies with Opposable Thumbs

I have been known to say that having a toddler is like having a puppy with opposable thumbs. Well having two toddlers is like owning a whole kennel full of puppies with opposable thumbs (oh and just to keep things interesting-there is an actual puppy in the mix that has a proclivity towards Woolworths soft and flexi leather pumps).
This weekend I  spent a very unhappy hour and a half looking for my car keys. Which, it seems, miraculously grew a pair of feet and pattered off all on its own, if the offspring’s version of events is to be believed.
I cross examined the oldest (3) and he swore up and down that he was innocent and had nothing to do with the abduction of said keys.
Unfortunately the youngest’s (1) entire vocabulary consists of “ta” and “light” so that was not going to be much help, although I did maniacally follow him around the house saying “ta my keys” which he thought was great fun.

I was so desperate that at one point I seriously considered teaching him sign language just so I can continue with the interrogation.

Eventually I gave up on the keys and decided to rather hunt for a dummy in order to put them to bed (at which point I was planning on drinking a large glass of wine-preferably in a sippy cup so that I can lie and bed and do it) and what do you know, instead of a dummy I found the keys…

Hidden at the back of their bookshelf behind their money box.

The husband of course says that this is my own fault as I never put them on the hook.  He can be grateful that he was on the other side of the safety gate when he said that.

I will never put my keys on the hook, it is just not who I am.  So please excuse me, I am off to the bookstore for a copy of  “Baby Sign Language for Dummies).


Till next time…Don’t Panic (I am convinced they can smell it) and pour some more wine!