The trouble with TTC…

I had this whole post planned out in my head, it was wonderful, thoughtful and funny. Well maybe it was funnier in my head, but any the way…

I am rather going to do this short and sweet.

Here’s the trouble with trying to conceive…there is really no point if you are already pregnant.


This blows…

Sometimes it blows being an adult, and having to make grown up decisions.

I have been consumed by this burning desire/need to be pregnant again.  It is all I can think about, it is in my every waking moment, sometimes even in my dreams.  I don’t know what to call it, hormones, my biological clock ticking, nature, call it what you will, it is all consuming, like I am being possessed.

But I have been brought back to earth, very rudely.  And as I wipe the dust of my face and clothes, I have to concede that a VALID point has been made and perhaps trying to have another baby in light of certain circumstances on the home front, may not be the smartest move I have ever made.

So I will cease and desists…

Till things change…and here’s hoping that is sooner rather than later.


Mother Nature

*this post may contain imagery that can put you off your breakfast/lunch/food for life*

Things I learnt from her in the past week…

  1. Kids will get sick when you are home alone;
  2. There is no birth control available on the market that is quite as effective as a sick toddler;
  3. Anything that said sick toddler ingests is increased exponentially when projectile vomited down the front of your sweater;
  4. Ponstel makes kids hyperactive ;
  5. Don’t watch the second episode of Law and Order, because said sick toddler will wake you up 6 times that night to make you pay;
  6. As with giving birth, vanity is thrown completely out the window and you can be seen taking a bath with said sick toddler in water with little chunks floating around;
  7. It is not good to be a sympathy vomited. It tends to get. Very. Messy.
  8. And last but not least, all this fun and games comes to an end just as ‘Daddy’ gets home.

Pffft. This blows. Chunks.


POAS Addict

To those who are not up to speed with the lingo, here is a crash course to understand this post:

(Sidebar: if it makes you feel any better, I had to research all of these abbreviations too)

So the DH and I have decided to start TTC for baby no 2.  Great, fabulous, if only his boss would stop carting him off to JHB every time I ovulate….(you think the universe is trying to tell me something here?)

So here we are, at least it is not a O-week, and I am home alone, yet again.  Although he has been MIA for the past weeks, even though he has been at home, he might as well not have been-you know what I mean?

Maybe it is because we are ‘trying’ that my head is starting to screw with me, but I am turning into a real POAS addict and I am just worried that I may turn into the girl that cried wolf pregnant.

Here is my confession: this past month I have used 5 HPT, all of which have been negative.  This amounts to a total cost of R 105.00, or translated into female: a Deluxe Pedi.

I have been feeling very tired and run-down.  I could sleep for a whole week and still would not be alert.  I am suffering from porridge brain-well more than usual. The kickers though, are what happened this weekend.

We had a braai at the in-laws on Saturday night, and I dished up as usual, but when I brought the meat to my mouth I gagged.  This behaviour from a self-proclaimed carnivore is slightly disconcerting.  Also I have been in the most enviable position that I am nauseous…this is not limited to the mornings in any way and I have been craving fish like there is no tomorrow and could audition for both Dr Jerkyl and Mr Hyde.

There are other more subtle things as well that is a little bit outside of my ‘what-I-can-post-on-the-internet-comfort zone’ which all culminated on me taking the plunge seat this morning-again-and peeing on a stick.  I waited the requisite 3 minutes and it is a BFN.  So clearly instead of buying booties I need to spend that money to go see a shrink, because my head is messing with my body.

So the total stands at 6HPT, all of which were a BFN.

Anyone know where I can buy bulk?